The mission of the University Center for Academic and Workforce Development is to promote the social and economic well being of the academically and economically under-served residents of the State of New York by developing and maintaining quality educational and workforce training programs and services.

This mission is achieved through strategic funding and collaborative efforts with state, municipal and county agencies, secondary and
post-secondary institutions, community based organizations, and busi- ness and industry. Access to post-secondary education, gainful employment, and economic development in local communities is central to this effort.


The University Center for Academic and Workforce Development will be:
  • a primary resource for promoting and providing quality educational opportunities for the under-served and under-educated residents of New York;
  • a primary resource for promoting revitalization of urban communities and strengthening urban families;
  • an authority on workforce development, academic preparedness and welfare-to-work initiatives;
  • an international innovator for positively impacting economic development by replicating effective models for academic preparation and vocational education in developing nations; and
  • the University's outreach program dedicated to building New York State's economy through education, training and workforce development services.